Handy Hints for Hiring a Function Room for Your Next Celebration

7 October 2014
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When selecting a location for your wedding or celebratory event, you want to find a venue that allows your guests to feel comfortable and results in lifelong memories. To help you make an informed decision when hiring a function room, here are some must-know handy hints and tips to ensure your event is smooth and successful.

Location Location Location

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a function room location--most golf clubs, yacht clubs, vineyards, sports clubs, hotels and theatres have well-appointed function rooms available for hire at varying seasonal rates. Don't hesitate to look outside of the box to find a suitable function room for your event, however, as you may find a hidden gem in a surf club, botanic gardens or even your local animal park or zoo!

The location you choose will depend on the type of event you're planning, and the requirements you will have of the room as a result. If you're planning a wedding reception, you'll need to find a function room that has adequate kitchen facilities, restrooms, and room for a dance floor as well as a separate mingling or seated dining area. If your event is a corporate party, however, you may require the use of in-house audiovisual equipment, such as a LCD projector or microphone with a surround sound speaker system.

Consider the furnishings and fittings of a function room before booking, and speak with the booking agent in detail about what is included in the hire fee. Some of the things you may want to ask for more details about include:

  • Availability and additional cost of tables and chairs
  • Availability and additional cost of linen, cutlery, stemware, china, tableware, candelabras and decorative features
  • Can you view the furnishings and provisions prior to booking
  • Seated capacity of the venue
  • Variety of service styles
  • Cancellation refund policy
  • Rules regarding decoration set-up, clean up and limitations
  • Availability of a in-house surround system
  • Cost and conditions of damage deposit
  • Bar service and associated costs
  • Parking facilities


If you have your heart set on a catering company already, make sure that they will have room to prepare and serve your chosen menu at any prospective function room. If you still haven't decided on catering, speak with the venue coordinators when booking. Often a venue works regularly and closely with a particular catering company and can offer you good recommendations and a discounted price.

When considering an in-house or local caterer you do not have personal experience with, don't be afraid to ask for recent references, and inquire about the menu variety, flexibility and detailed costing estimates per head.

Musical Entertainment

Depending on your musical tastes and the type of event, there are a variety of musical entertainment options to choose from--a combination of these options may be the best fit for your guests. If you're looking for an intimate, romantic mood, consider hiring an acoustic solo or duo performer. Alternatively, if your guests like to rock, dance and party hard, you may want to employ the services of a full band or DJ or both.

A DJ with a wide range of available music genres, a flexible attitude and experience with events similar to yours is an ideal musical entertainment solution. Armed with music that appeals to all tastes and moods, a good DJ can tailor the musical accompaniment for your event to create the right atmosphere for dancing, enjoyment and making lasting memories.

The Little Extras

There are a few extra services and facilities that can make your event even more special. To help your celebration go off with a bang, consider a function room that also provides:

  • Table service for beverages
  • A babysitting, childcare facility or games room for the kids
  • A stunning view--visit the location at a similar time of day as your event to see what the view will be like for your guests.
  • A high ratio of staff to guests, to ensure that you will receive attentive service throughout your meal.
  • Allowance for fireworks, candles and confetti.
  • A discount arrangement with local a local hotel for your guests.
  • Minimal noise restrictions if you're booking a band or late-night DJ for your party

With so much to consider when hiring a function room for your next event, like at Mulgrave Country Club, don't rush into making a booking with the first venue you look at- compare a few different locations and consider your options completely before selecting the perfect space for your celebration.