Your Essential Guide To Party Hire Equipment

22 October 2014
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Before you organise your next function and consider what's on offer when it comes to party hire equipment, there are a few essential facts that you must know. When you know the right questions to ask, you can be confident that your party will go off without a hitch and everyone will love the entertainment you have provided.

What will the equipment hire cost include?

When you deal with party hire companies that are experts in their industry, with a reputation to match, you can be confident that they will only offer you transparent prices. Typically prices will include delivery of your chosen equipment, as well as set up and dismantling as needed.

Can you party equipment be delivered ahead of time?

Depending on your event schedule and start time, it may be necessary for your chosen party equipment to be delivered the night before the big day. This will ensure you have enough time to have everything set up and ready to go before the guests arrive. Organise this ahead of time and be aware that you may have to pay an additional overnight fee to cover the extra time.

What should you expect as a standard service?

When choosing a company to supply your party hire equipment, look for one that not only proudly promotes their services, but also stipulates that everything you use bearing their name will be completely clean, sanitised and in perfect working order. 

Can you have your party hire equipment set up offsite?

Most companies are very obliging when it comes to your chosen party location. You'll need permission from the appropriate local council first, and then depending on the item you have chosen to hire, there may be additional safety aspects to be taken into consideration.  Don't worry though, when it comes to having a function that ticks all the right boxes there are always options so ask the question and a solution will be found.

Word of mouth and reputation is important. When looking to organise party hire equipment for your next event, make sure the products on offer comply with Australian Safety Standards. Also, if you need to hire machine operators, check that they hold sufficient training accreditations. By asking the right questions and empowering yourself with the facts on what should be included, you can be confident that your next event will be fun and your guests will have the time of their lives. For more information, contact a company like Outwest Party Hire.