Learn Five Rentals to Consider When Planning a Festival

31 October 2014
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If you are planning a festival in the near future, there are many items that you will need to rent in order to ensure success. There are many people who make the mistake of thinking that there are not many rental items that they need to get. That is not the case at all. Below are a few things that you may want to consider renting from companies like White Marquee, if you plan to throw a festival in the near future.

A Stage

You may want to consider renting a stage if you plan to have any announcements, awards, or presentations made throughout the festival. It can be hard to get the attention of a crowd, when you are at eye-level with everyone. Standing on a stage will often grasp everyone's attention and allow you to express whatever it is you need to express easily.

Tables and Chairs

If you plan to have food at the event, tables and chairs are a necessity. There are many people who may need to take a break throughout the day and providing ample seating for individuals that need to rest is important. It is often possible to get a good deal on table and chair rentals when you need to rent a large quantity of them.


Portable fencing allows you to section off portions of the festival to designate them as specialised areas. Areas designated as spaces to wait for the portable toilets or as smoking areas will ensure that the event is kept orderly at all times.


There are portable booths available for rental that you can use as ticket booths. If tickets need to be collected or sold for the event, the booths allow the money collectors to keep track of the money without it being out in plain sight. Having large amounts of money out in the open can lead to thefts.

DJ Equipment

If you plan to have music playing at the event or need to be able to be heard over the crowd, renting DJ equipment is a good idea. You can rent the entire sound system that you need to ensure that you are able to make the announcements you need to make in a way that everyone can hear what you are saying.

Some rental companies offer packages to allow you to get all of the rentals you need for a very affordable price. Be sure to find out the delivery options of the equipment to ensure you know if you are supposed to pick everything up or if the company will deliver everything to the event site.