3 Great Tips For Teaching Dance To Kids

14 January 2015
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


So you have a great love of dance, and there is nothing that you enjoy more than moving in time to music. It might seem like the next logical step is to spread your joy of dance and to start teaching dance classes to kids. This could potentially be extremely rewarding for you, but you must be aware that dancing is not the same thing as teaching dance. When you step into the role of teacher, you have to draw on a completely different set of skills in order to engage children and to give them a true love of dance. Here are three things you should keep in mind when teaching kids dance.

Integrate "lessons" with dance. As with any subject, even something like dance, there is theory that students will have to learn in order to support their practice and become better dancers. But children essentially just want to move. They don't want to sit in front of a whiteboard and copy down notes. The solution is to work the theory into the actual dance practice. While you are teaching steps and showing your students how to move, incorporate some of the theory.

Always be encouraging. If you want your students to love dance just as much as you do, the best thing that you can do is to make sure the dance studio is a totally positive environment and that you are always encouraging students in the lesson. Some teachers make the mistake of making negative statements such as "Don't dance like that because…" but you can still be critical and reframe your comments into something positive. Switch to something like "If you tried this step, it would be very effective because…"and your students will feel totally positive about their dance experience.

Keep it fun. The reality of teaching a dance class is that the vast majority of the kids you teach will not become professional dancers, nor will they even have the desire to be professional dancers. It can be tempting to get too focused on making sure that every step is completed to perfection, but actually, it is more important that your kids gain an appreciation of dance, and they will gain this through having fun. Choose fun music to dance to, be encouraging, and have fun yourself in the lessons.

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