Selecting wedding supplies to suit your wedding theme

2 February 2015
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When it comes to wedding supplies, there is no doubt that there is a plethora of choice. Mismatched supplies can lead to chaos on your wedding day, and can be wasteful and upsetting if you have to buy other supplies last minute.  As such, it is recommended that every couple organise their wedding around themes, and choose supplies that match these themes.  Two common themes, and examples of matching accessories, are detailed below to kickstart your brainstorming and assist with planning the right supplies for your theme-based wedding: 

Beach Wedding Theme 

A hugely popular theme in Australia due to the great weather and breathtaking beaches, a beach wedding theme is the perfect choice for couples seeking a less formal approach to their special day.  Beach themed weddings often incorporate bright colours and accessories, and can include: 

  • Folding beach chairs: Although it may be exciting for you to feel the sand between your toes on your wedding day, it may not be so for your guests, especially any older guests who are unsteady on their feet.  As such, folding beach chairs can provide the ultimate practical accessory during your ceremony. 
  • Beach-themed fans: If you are planning on getting married on the beach, chances are it is going to be hot! For this reason, it is beneficial for your guests to have a fan handy.  Also, fans provide great takeaways so your guests can remember your special day. 
  • Shells in your bouquet: The ultimate compliment to the shells beneath your feet are shells in your bouquet

Vintage Wedding Theme 

The timeless elegance of vintage weddings makes them a clear favourite, especially when teamed with modern sophistication.  Vintage wedding themes often incorporates more muted, softer hues, with the following accessories being amongst the most popular: 

  • Candelabras:  Nothing says grace and elegance like candelabras, and these, combined with scented candles, can provide the perfect soft and romantic lighting for your ceremony and reception. 
  • Mix and match crockery: Having decorative china plates and cups is the true essence of vintage, especially if they aren't matching!  The good news is that this type of china can be readily acquired at second-hand stores, ensuring that your guests have their own unique crockery! 
  • Table runners: Table runners can transform bland white tablecloths into works of art.  Runners are also the ultimate vintage accessory and can be matched to your other table decorations. 

Whatever your wedding theme, it is important to consider how all of your different wedding supplies will match and complement each other on your wedding day.  For more information, contact a company like Dazzling Decor.