Planning an awesome karaoke night

25 June 2015
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If you want to take your karaoke to the next level, why not have a karaoke night at your home. Not being in the public eye can let your friends and family really let loose, knowing that they won't embarrass themselves in front of people they don't know.

Here is how to throw a fun karaoke party.

Hire a karaoke machine with appropriate songs

Karaoke machines can be hired from party equipment hire stores. Make sure to check the song list so that it suits the songs that your guests will be passionate about - so a party to celebrate a 50th birthday might have lots of guests that appreciate the hits of the 1970s and 1980s, whereas a party for at 18 year old might suit modern chart toppers.

Set the stage - literally

Set up a stage that supports people putting on a performance with their karaoke set. Set aside an area for a stage, preferably on a raised surface to make the stage a focus point. It's also fun to create some appropriately "rock god" atmosphere with some stage equipment like a smoke machine or a set of stage lights to let people really unleash the rock star within.

Consider having a basket of props that they can incorporate in their act as well, like capes, feather boas or top hats, to let everyone get into the mood of the night. These can be purchased at most party supply stores.

Have a coordinator

As the drinks flow, people who initially seemed shy may start to suddenly get eager to climb on the stage and belt out some tunes. Allocate an MC to coordinate the songs and make sure no one hogs the mike and that everyone gets a turn. This is a great job for an older teenager who won't be drinking and will love the chance to be in charge of the party for once. 

Check the phones at the door

To make sure that no one has to be concerned about photos of them belting out a classic rock ballad being uploaded to social media or circulated, ask everyone to check their phones at the door. You can have an emergency landline number available if anyone needs a contact number for babysitters, but otherwise, being free of mobile devices can help people to really relax and embrace the evening.

A karaoke night can be a great time to let your hair down and have a raging good time with your nearest and dearest! Why not start planning one now? You can get all the equipment you need form a party equipment company like Dancetime Party Hire