3 Reasons Why BYOD Is a Good Idea for Business

4 October 2018
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The demand for tablets in the enterprise wireless networks has increased steadily over the years. The development has made many companies start wondering if it is time to loosen up of their cybersecurity policies and allow the tablets into the wireless network at the workplace. If you have not implemented BYOD for your business, it is possible that you are feeling a little bit worried about the implications of adopting it. Here are three reasons to relax and allow your team to roll out the project.

1. Your workers will be more satisfied 

Most office workers secretly wish they could be allowed to work on the device which they bought as opposed to the one which was issued by IT. This is because different users typically have their different specifications and preferences when it comes to their gadgets. Allowing them to bring their own devices would boost their morale and make them feel more satisfied with working with your business.

2. Get the latest technology

As a company, you are not likely to keep looking out for the newest MacBook model so that you can replace the older one. Most companies follow the older models till they become completely useless. Your employees, on the other hand, can upgrade their devices because they only need one which means an upgrade is affordable to them. When you allow them to bring the latest gadgets, they let you enjoy the value of new and cutting-edge technology in solving business problems, without having to incur the cost of upgrades. This ultimately improves productivity and boosts your bottom line. 

3. Your IT staff will be less stressed

Everyone knows how their device operates because when it comes to a PC or a personal tablet, the owner is the expert. On the other hand, when something goes wrong with the device issued by the company, few of the employees are willing to try even what may seem like common sense repairs because there is a liability aspect. When they bring their device, it means fewer calls to IT, and when the IT department gets this free time, they will address other issues that are important to your business.

BYOD may seem intimidating at first, especially when there are customer or client data and you are scared that it could be compromised. However, when the right access, encryption and protection measures are put in place, you will realise it is an excellent idea for your business.