3 Reasons Why BYOD Is a Good Idea for Business

4 October 2018
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The demand for tablets in the enterprise wireless networks has increased steadily over the years. The development has made many companies start wondering if it is time to loosen up of their cybersecurity policies and allow the tablets into the wireless network at the workplace. If you have not implemented BYOD for your business, it is possible that you are feeling a little bit worried about the implications of adopting it. Read More 

Choosing Between Fiberglass and Concrete Swimming Pools

13 April 2015
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When having a swimming pool installed in your home, you will typically need to choose between fiberglass or concrete for the body of the pool itself. Each material has its own advantages, and as the homeowner it will ultimately be up to you to decide on the right choice. Before you do, it's good to understand the differences in materials and why you might choose one over the other.  Concrete Pools Read More 

Selecting The Best Video Post Production Company

20 February 2015
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Post-production is an important part of video production, and it determines the quality of the presented material. The objective of engaging competent professionals in the creation of your audio-visual content is to maximise the vision you have for your business projects. While the initial video shoot is important, there are extensive requirements in editing the raw footage and crafting it into a package that displays aesthetics without nullifying the practical functionality. Read More 

3 Great Tips For Teaching Dance To Kids

14 January 2015
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So you have a great love of dance, and there is nothing that you enjoy more than moving in time to music. It might seem like the next logical step is to spread your joy of dance and to start teaching dance classes to kids. This could potentially be extremely rewarding for you, but you must be aware that dancing is not the same thing as teaching dance. When you step into the role of teacher, you have to draw on a completely different set of skills in order to engage children and to give them a true love of dance. Read More 

Handy Hints for Hiring a Function Room for Your Next Celebration

7 October 2014
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When selecting a location for your wedding or celebratory event, you want to find a venue that allows your guests to feel comfortable and results in lifelong memories. To help you make an informed decision when hiring a function room, here are some must-know handy hints and tips to ensure your event is smooth and successful. Location Location Location There are a few options when it comes to choosing a function room location--most golf clubs, yacht clubs, vineyards, sports clubs, hotels and theatres have well-appointed function rooms available for hire at varying seasonal rates. Read More